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Weight: 0.600 kg


Computer-controlled aiming point graphics and measurements

Infrared-System for Target Rifles and -Pistols. Based on the latest ideas from world-class international shooters. For both home training and live firing with air and .22 calibre.

Complet for 10m 

Optical sensor

Electronic Target

Monting plate kit for the optical sensor

Optical sensor´s cable Target

Software CD

Packing bag

Exact measurement over 5-50 metre distances
Simple to operate
Sensor weight only 35 grammes
Menu-operated through windows
Wide-ranging data processing
High resolution
Numerous analysis functions
Online-Help and updates
For Windows 3.1+, 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000
From Olympic Air Rifle champion, World champion and World recordholder Artem Khadjibekov