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Walther SSP 22LR
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Producer: Walther
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Price: 2 028 EUR
Warranty 24 month
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Weight: 1 kg

Highly modern peak technology for sports marksmen

SSP has started a new era in competitive target shooting. Walther’s competitive target pistol sets new standards with respect to reliability and technology. Maximum precision utilizing all anatomic possibilities is obtained on the highest possible technical level with SSP of Carl Walther GmbH.

  • Pneumatic buffer
  • 3D grip adjustment
  • Extremely light construction
  • Deep-lying bore axis
  • Maximum permissible barrel length
  • All adjusting screws can be reached from the outside
  • Also for the discipline “rapid fire”
  • Three grip sizes (S/M/L) as well as left grip (M)
  • Integrated sight in three sight widths
  • Removable and replaceable sight holder (precision / duel), rear sight width and height adjustable
  • Height and length adjustable finger position, to be rotated in three axles
  • Cock display
  • Large, ergonomic optimized cocking grips