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Steyr LP 2 Compact size M
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silver air cylinder

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 STEYR LP 2 has the same precision and performance  as our LP 10 but with a lower price. Highest competition standards - LP 2!

Manufactured with the best materials and produced in the same factory as the LP 10, the LP 2 has almost the same features. The trigger system and grip are of the highest competition standards and are the same as on  the LP 10.

The LP 2 is equipped with all the major features of a competition match pistol. Using a bolt loading system for easier use and adjustable sights, it can be equipped with barrel weights that are attached directly to the barrel.  The barrel shroud and Stabilisator are not included to give a lighter overall pistol.

The price is right with all the necessary functions!

Our LP 2 - as all other STEYR products - is of the best quality and is delivered in a durable fitted carry case with one compressed air cylinder in blue, gold or silver, tools and filling adapter as well as one 25 g barrel weight.
Additional extras: barrel weights and 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 mm front sights