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Grunig Elmiger XRS
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Code: 144889
Producer: Grunig Elmiger
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for Anschutz systems + Bleiker etc

without Equalizer

XRS aluminium stock for the following 50 m and 300 m actions:

- FT300 Standard Rifle single shot
- FT300 Free Rifle
- ST200 Standard Rifle single shot
- ST200 Free Rifle
- R3 Racer smallbore action
- R2 Racer smallbore action
- X Racer smallbore action
- Racer RWC smallbore action
- Anschütz 2013 smallbore actionWith optional accessories suitable for
- Anschütz 2013 and 1807–1913 smallbore actions


1.5 kg-1.9 kg depending on version