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safety look 22LR
5 pcs
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Code: A1300
Producer: AHG
VAT: 21.00%
Price: 6 EUR
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for 22LR on stock

lect caliber please
Item Nr.:1300Safety look for cal. .22 l.r.
Item Nr.:1301Safety look for air rifle and pistol.
Item Nr.:1302Safety look for cal. .32
Item Nr.:1303Safety look for cal. .38 / 9 mm / .357
Item Nr.:1304Safety look for cal. .44
Item Nr.:1305Safety look for cal. .45
Item Nr.:1306Safety look for cal. 6 mm BR / .308 Win. / 30.06
Item Nr.:1307Safety look for cal. 6,5 x 5,5
Item Nr.:1308Safety look for cal. 8 x 57
Item Nr.:1309Safety look for cal. 7,5 x 55
Item Nr.:1310Safety look for Schrot cal. 12
Item Nr.:1311Safety look for cal. 9 mm / para