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Lensholder 25mm for rifle shooters

Eye cover transparent or grey

The glasses for the perfectionist shooter

These glasses are the ultimate in design being the most sophisticated shooting glasses available. Every adjustment is micro-adjustable on the face. The lens position is uniquely micro-adjustable for all lens positions. The nosepiece is offset right or left to benefit extreme shooting positions. The frame has 96 different components, designed for shooters who appreciate technical perfection.

Side Blinders attached to the hat, cap, shooting glasses, or to a head band, not exceeding 40 mm deep (A) are permitted. These blinders must not extend further forward than to a line from the center of the forehead (see also

Seitenblenden welche an einen Hut, an einer Mütze, Schiessbrillen, oder Stirnbändern montiert sind, welche 40 mm Höhe (A) nicht überschreiten, sind erlaubt. Diese Blenden dürfen eine gedachte Linie von der Mitte der Stirne nicht überschreiten.

A piece to cover the non aiming eye not larger than 30 mm wide (B) is permitted.

Eine Blende welche eine Breite von 30 mm (B) nicht überschreitet, ist erlaubt.