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Producer: Thune
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price for TOP only without pants

The True Riflemen’s Underwear made of COLDWINNER™material. Not just a jogging outfit with thin elbow pads, but an underwear set made of a fantastic material and really designed for Rifle shooting!

COLDWINNER™is a true Space-age material: 48,15% Polyester, 48,15% ThermoLight and 3,7%Lycra, PAT PEND. It ‘stores’ both warm and cold thus creating a comfortable ‘inner’ climate in both cold and warm weather. COLDWINNER™should be used directly against the skin. ISSF Rules allow underwear to be 2.5mm thick. COLDWINNER™ material is only 1.1mm thick, which is why we use double (2 x 1.1 = 2.2 mm) thickness in the necessary places: the back of the sleeves, shoulder area and the front of the chest, on the seat of the pants and on the knees. These padded areas are inside the white seams shown in the picture. These twin layers of material are more comfortable and reduce the effect of the pulse from the sling in prone/kneeling and from the elbow on the stomach in standing. Thin Lycra panels in the inside of the elbows and the back of theknees provide for superior comfort. Over all -good padding in the important places, but not unnecessarily thick where not required. Thetop features a long, double slidezipper in the front, and is extra long at the back to protect the lower back in kneeling position.

Colour: Black with grey stitching. Sizes: XS-XXL.