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SIUS HS10V- Hybridscore 10/50m
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Code: HS1050
Producer: Sius
VAT: 21.00%
Price: 2 299 EUR
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Without Notebooks, Bullet traps 50m, transport


The world’s first hybrid electronic target for airguns and small bore rifles
The target HS10 is designed for all airguns (distance from 10 to 20 meters). Equipped with a reinforced front frame and a corresponding bullet trap, it can be used for 50m small bore rifles as well.

  • Hybrid-System (double IR beam and acoustic measurement)
  • Contact-free shot measurement across the target plane
  • No parallax errors
  • Sensationally consistent accuracy
  • Integrated high-intensity LED target illumination
  • Low operating costs (no paper rolls/rubber rolls)
  • Also suitable for outdoor shooting
  • Worldwide patent application
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
HS10V1 Hybridscore target 10m resp. 50m without digital display
HS10AN001 Target holder rear open, for small bore
HS10AN007 Reinforced front frame small bore
LS10AN008 Mounting plate for target holder and reinforced front frame
AAG200 Power supply 110VAC-240VAC 30W 4
AA110 Power cable EU, 2m
KL011-65.0 Cable LTW for single lane, 65.0m
SNI210-LANE USB-LON-Dongle for SIUSLANE "yellow"
RC211 Remote control to SA951 and SIUSLANE
Consumables material
1 Pcs LS10A043 Front mask ISSF ø30.5mm, air rifle 10m 1
1 Pcs LS10A044 Front mask ISSF ø59.5mm, air pistol 10m
1 Set S20A022/10 Front mask ISSF air rifle 10m, paper (set of 10 pcs.)
1 Set S20A023/10 Front mask ISSF air pistol 10m, paper (set of 10 pcs.)
1 Pc HS10A052 Front mask ISSF ø112.4mm, small bore rifle 50m