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Steyr LGB 1 Match Individual air rifle
1 pcs
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Weight: 3 kg


Then new generation STEYR LGB 1 Match in wooden walnut stock from Euroshooting !

weight 3240g


The best shooting theory is no substitute for the lack of technical quality. And you will find it here !

The Steyr LGB 1 Match Biathlon Rifle is the right rifle from the start for the first steps in the early years of a young athlete !

Later smooth transition to meet the requirements for quality performance and the acquisition of habits that will help set the basic pillar of shooting skills even in the older category .

Almost identical control will ensure proper automated habits in the future. Successful mastery of proper top shooting starts from the smallest and later solutions to eliminate the causes of shooting errors and stress is also due to choosing to use malfunctioning guns with which the training process is less effective.

This rifle meets the demanding requirements for trouble-free functionality and reliability with factory service. Certainly this product like the Steyr LGB 1 cannot be compared to cheaper clones, not to mention the hit to the young athlete's psyche. Then, over time, negative thoughts come more often, where will be the first shot , or what if something goes wrong again Then athletes "chase" in their heads all sorts of thoughts, instead of focusing on technique and mental confidence in their shooting skills.

Benefits of choosing Steyr LGB 1

Many individual adjustments, such as:
- fully adjustable rear hook and cheekpiece
- trigger system, tension lever, trigger shoe
- High quality and precise barrel - Automatically safe, when the magazine is removed then the percussion mechanism is locked- The Anschutz front tunnel and diopter has a snow or dirt and water flap- The front stock has a rail for attaching the slide and straps in the side - Dry training option - 8 magazines fit on one holder- Comes with 2 x five shot and 2 single shot magazines and this model is supplied without a case.

Appropriate suitable AHG Anschutz branded holsters or plastic case will be supplied from our selection