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MORINI 162 EI right hand size "M"
1 pcs
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Producer: Morini
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2 x air cylinder ,manual, filling adapter,plastic transport case.

Weight: 1 kg

 Compressed Air Pistol model MORINI CM 162EI, manufactured in Switzerland.
Morini Competition Arm S.A. placed in Bedano (Switzerland) produces precision target pistols, suitable for top level
competitions. Modern design principles combined with the use of the best available materials, absolute precision and attention to detail in the manufacturing of all Morini products assures satisfaction in functioning and almost unlimited urability of these pistols, under normal usage. The pistol also features a very sophisticated electronic trigger echanism, with moving parts mounted on micro-roller bearings, and a unique air pressure regulator assuring constant nd uniform air release pressures. The pistol is the result of the desire to produce a high quality match air pistol ombining the advantages of the precompressed air systems without the disadvantages of the usual cocking effort.
Compressed air is much less affected by temperature changes and has much less recoil effects than the widely used O2 gas systems. Some of the worlds most experienced shooters co-operated and co-operate with Morini, helping to ombine engineering design excellence, reliable functioning and accuracy with excellent balance and handling. Morini Competition Arm S.A. is also the master of producing excellent anatomical target grips for a wide range of pistols and  the excellence in design, reliable functioning and high quality of this pistol is also complimented by the use ofthese well known grips, made of fine quality walnut timber.
At this point we would like to wish you good shooting.
Compressed Air Pistol Morini Model CM 162EI
This model is conceived for firing single shot of 4.5/.177 calibre. The propelling element is Air, which is found in the
detachable cylinder under the barrel. Do not use CO2 in your pistol, as it has not been conceived for this purpose the act which may provoke inconveniences or breaks which are not considered in the guarantee. For transport purposes,the cylinder containing the air is empty and therefore you need to fill it before first use. For any damages, which are  caused by non observance of the instructions, by any changing of parts, remodelling or mounting of parts which are notof MORINI origin, no guarantee is granted from our part.
The compressed air pistol MORINI CM 162EI has a guarantee of 24 months (not related to sealing). Within this
period our obligation is to exchange, free of charge, all those parts that, due to factory defects or deterioration, are
deficient. This guarantee loses its validity if the weapon has been improperly treated, inexpert repaired, or altered in any way. To receive the guarantee certificate please return us the card complete after having bought the pistol.

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