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SETA Score10 ProSet 10/50m
2 pcs
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Code: SETA1050
Producer: SETA
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For air rifle /air pistol 10m + smaml bore rifle 50m ISSF cal 22lr.

With front door for 22LR

With software for 10 air rifle + air pistol +/50m rifle 22LR ISSF taget

For more than 20 years, the company has been engaged in various systems and controls of different manufacturers.
Due to repeated service with spare parts
in 2014 decided to develop its own systems.
At the same time, they examined and analyzed target devices from different competitors.
We have incorporated the experience into this new product, as well as useful information and information from sports shooters and experienced coaches.

To change to 50m (ISSF rifle) and longer cable without font plate for 50m. Everything in the price soon available from from us. 
With a paper mask for specific control.

ISSF Discipline.
To control hits, the paper roll is automatically shifted after each shot, and these rolls are replaceable, including paper masks.
Masks and paper rolls for this device are in stock.
This device is not equipped with a tablet
Necessary tablet or any computer with a monitor that has one USB port.
SETA 10 comes with the software installed,
that you upload to your pc or tablet.
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