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AHG Butt Plate
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Code: 5000
Producer: AHG
VAT: 21.00%
Price: 372 EUR
Warranty 24 month
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ahg-Hook Butt Plate PRECISE

Individual positioning and various demands during strong competition require new designs. The ahg-hook butt plate PRECISE has all criteria to go beyond the limits of adjusting.

A punched rail (160 mm long) with 3 parallel drilling axles and max. 8 telescopic stop pins per axle form a fitted shoulder support. The vertical and horizontal radius of the telescopic stop pins can be adjusted individually to the shoulder’s size and form. The ball-headed pins can make contact to max. 24 spots on the shoulder. Lateral screwed clamping plates fix and secure the pins in their adjusted position. This guarantees repeatedly exact positioning and most advantageous control of the rifle.

The ahg-hook butt plate PRECISE can be mounted to any current match rifle. A guide rail with integrated quick clamp secures and fixes the adjustment in height and depth of the hook butt without using tools. An adjustable hook which is allowed in small bore and big bore disciplines complete the ergonomic adjustment possibilities of this hook butt plate.