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Wedge for alu stocks
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Code: 1024
Producer: AHG
VAT: 21.00%
Price: 97 EUR
Warranty 24 month
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Weight: 0,204 kg

ahg-ANGLE PLATE for Alu Benchrest Wedge CONTACT

Some benchrest shooters prefer to shoot in a sideways position to get a better fit of the butt plate on the shoulder.

For this purpose we have developed the ahg-angle plate art. no. 1024 as an additional accessory for the benchrest wedge art. no. 1023. Using the ahg-angle plate made from alu, the rifle on the rest is tilted at a 10° angle in shooting direction and guarantees the shooter tension free positioning for consecutive shots.

Additional transverse slots allow putting the main stress of the rifle exactly on the middle of the benchrest wedge.