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565 iris, 6-colour & twin polariser
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Best iris for your sport rifle !

565 iris, 6-colour & twin polariser
  • standard thread for all current precision target rearsights
  • Removable thread allows retro-fit of our - 4.5 to + 4.5 magnifying diopter
  • Locking collar to enable precise positioning of the "V" mark
  • Laser engraved indications
  • Two polarisation filters
    1. Ring controls white round target
    2. Ring (with stainless lugs) controls light through the sight
  • Infinitely adjustable iris made to our latest patent covering the range 0.5mm to 3.0mm
  • All internal surfaces are matt black reducing light reflection to a minimum
  • Matt black finish to eliminate reflected light and distortion of the sight picture