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Code: 330
Producer: AHG
VAT: 21.00%
Price: 55 EUR
Warranty 24 month
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Weight: 0.300 kg


With additional advantages such as the well-known and approved swivel metal clip.

  • Variable adjustment of the arm loop.
  • For right and left hand shooters.
  • Narrow distance of holes for exact adjustment.

Optimum connection of the sling to the shooter‘s jacket is ensured by a slewable metal clip on the ahg sling into which the hook (Art. 336) of the ahg-shooting jacket engages. In this manner slipping of the sling is prevented.

  • Pliable, no-stretch material guarantees constant sling length.
  • Optimum connection to the shooter´s jacket.
  • Freely mobile metal catch is hooked to the shooting jacket.
  • No slipping of the sling.