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TEC-HRO stativ 3 carbon pink
4 pcs
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The new rifle-stand "TEC-HRO stativ 3.0 is here !!

even lighter, even more user-friendly in brilliant colors !!

The following developments on this rifle-tripod were completed:

  • Novel, lightweight fiberglass / carbon tubes in brilliant colors
  • Weight-reduced, new design of the feet
  • Quick release lever for rifle and ammo storage
  • Tube clip for the ammunition tray for quick change from upper to lower tube (optional!)
  • Ammunition tray is swiveling and has a special lowering for round diablolo-tins
  • New angle (100 ° instead of 90 °) of the long feet to each other for increased stability
    Due to new materials and a new design, the weight was again reduced to 1.25 kg  despite 5cm more extension
    height (max height = 170cm )!


For the first time, the ammunition holder can be mounted on the lower tube, which was required by many shooters (for kneeling shooting). After releasing the quick-release lever, you can attach the shelf to the lower clip (to buy optional), lock it in place and adjust the height.
Thanks to state-of-the-art production technology in high quantities, we are able to keep the price of the predecessor model -despite better materials and better functions.

It was thus managed to improve the best-selling tripod in recent years again significantly!

  • Rifle and ammunition tray as well as foot center part are made of lightweight, CNC-milled POM-material
  • Folded up takes up very little space (length 66cm x diameter only 9cm) in included tripod bag
  • very fast and easy without tools to assemble and disassemble
  • The selected foot geometry allows the tripod to be placed directly against the parapet at the shooting range without "giving away" space.
  • The rifle tray is placed on the side of the tube - requiring less movement to drop the rifle
  • Holes in the ammunition tray are used to insert tools such as Allen key etc ...
  • The fiberglass/-carbon tubes with quick release levers are extremely robust, very light - and have the pleasant side effect that they feel pleasantly warm.

The new TEC-HRO rifle tripod 3.0 impresses with its quality and functionality as well as its first-class price / performance ratio.